Labels & Tags

Mack Packaging understands that labels are an essential part of branding and require specific configurations to meet industry standards. That is why Mack Packaging offers label solutions for all facets of the industry. We offer custom sizes, materials, inks, varnishes, and adhesives that will give your label a highly innovative and eye catching finish. 

Agriculture Labels

Mack Packaging serves as a great label solution for the agricultural industry. We have the capabilities and knowledge to meet the requirements of the industry, and a variety of label options including Produce Traceability Initiative (PTI) labels, Country of Origin Labels (COOL), PLU labels, as well as any preprinted produce tags or labels. Mack Packaging can also provide solutions for food grade adhesives, Pallet labels, clamshell labels, asparagus tags, thermal and direct thermal label solutions, and so much more. With competitive pricing, quick turnaround, and customizable options, we can assure you all label needs will be not only met, but exceeded. 

Tag and Label solutions include but are not limited to: asparagus tags, bag tags, strip tags, clamshell labels, PLU labels, PTI labels, Country of Origin Labels, Pallet Labels, Direct food contact labels (watermelon, avocado, apples, etc.), thermal and direct thermal labels, beverage labels, retail labels, as well as label applicators, dispensing units, and printer options. Don’t see what you are looking for? Give us a call and we can create a custom solution, specified to your exact requirements. 

Beverage Labels 

When shopping for beverages, the label on the bottle is likely the first thing the consumer sees. It holds high stock in the buying decision and should be able to compete with other products on the market. Supplying a unique and high quality beverage label is something that Mack Packaging can do for you. Whether you know exactly what you are looking for, or need a key turn solution, we have you covered and will work to meet all your labeling needs. Mack Packaging has plenty to offer in regards to label stock, label adhesive, printing type, storage requirements, color specifications, information requirements and any other aspect of the label decision making process.  With solutions for wine labels to Micro-Brews, and everything in between, we will set you up with a shelf ready label that will catch any consumer’s eye.  

Food Products 

Mack Packaging is capable of manufacturing food product labels for whatever your product may be. With various options on storage conditions, label adhesives, printing types, information requirements and much more, we will make sure that you walk away with exactly what you need. We are equipped to follow FDA food regulations regarding labeling, and can even help conceptualize your design to achieve your product vision.  

Medical and Pharmaceutical Labels

Medical and Pharmaceutical labels require many specifications for safety and consumption by the FDA. Mack Packaging has the ability to produce labels that meet those quality, product information, and safety requirements while withstanding medical product environments, and offering various label designs for necessary content. Booklet labels, piggyback labels, and extended content labels are great solutions to display necessary content and our printing options will ensure top quality. Mack Packaging will go the extra mile in testing with our clients to make sure we supply the appropriate label with the exact specifications. 

Coupons and Expandable Labels 

Mack Packaging offers top of the line multi-layered and complex labels, perfect for coupons or expandable labels. Some of the solutions offered include folded and laminated labels, resealable labels, booklet labels up to 16 pages, dry peel labels and much, much more. At Mack Packaging, our goal is to produce labels that have an incredible look and finish, achieving that wow factor.